Talent in Emerging & Growth Markets (4 – 5 June 2014)

Where: Istanbul, Turkey
What: Talent in Emerging & Growth Markets
Who: Tucana Global
Web: tucana-global.com

Managing Workplace Diversity and Culture Transformation in Emerging and Growth Markets

Rajesh heads the human resources and communications function for ING Investment Management India.  With over 19 years of intense HR leadership experience in managing matrix organizational structures, cross-cultural staff and driving innovative best practices in India and the Asia Pacific region, Rajesh is known for his passion for people engagement.

The challenges in understanding workplace diversity:

•Intercontinental working culture diversity in a global multinational company

•The need to manage employees across different countries

•The need to managie international workers

Overcoming those challenges:

• Referred to the employee engagement model: say (employees will speak positively of the company), stay (employees wish to remain in the organization), strive (employees will go the extra mile)

• Keep in consideration the questions that could affect engagement

• Adopt engagement drivers that the best global employers implement such as caring, fun at work, integrity, collaboration, innovation and recognition

• Align the engagement drivers with core people practices such as listening, speaking, inspiring, developing, thanking, celebrating and sharing

• Shift power to employees, so that teams and employees feel empowered and an important part of the organization and its decision making

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