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Employees “out of office”

What do employees do when they’re not in the office it’s something that often may seem irrelevant to their ability to do a job, but this could not be more untrue.

The architecture of productivity

Nowadays both the workspace architecture and workplace culture of the office are being reconfigured to be wellsprings of new business creativity.

Finance Loves the Arts

Nowadays it is becoming more and more usual for enterprises to support culture in every form, not only in their cities but also in locations where their business has interests. In the article we analyse how Credit Suisse is promoting the arts in London, New York City and Singapore.

How to Effectively Retain Generation Y?

Stimulation, involvement, organised training together with the freedom to experiment seem to be the keys of obtaining the loyalty of this group of employees. Christian Gall Executive Director Core International Markets in AirPlus International France explains how “Group belonging is important to them, so organisation of team events, dinners, games, challenges and group activities are important to engage and motivate them. Also they seem to be keen on finding a meaning to their work ...

Hr Policies, Employee Attitudes and Their Workplace Impact

Often we think about recognition as the formal programs implemented by companies to reward employees for good performance.


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