Singapore Passion & Style

Ideas for the office from the Salone Internazionale del Mobile held in Milan 2009: Singapore Mozaic, Pinker and Flexible Love.


Singapore photoshoot in Milan. Roberto Benzi (photographer), Pina Draskovich (art director), Paola Ratclif (journalist) portray tourists walking along the most important places of the city (in the picture the Teatro La Scala Place). The Sunday Armchair, distributed by Air Division, is designed by Nathan Yong.

A fusion of east and west business practices, dynamic design capabilities and versatile production resources, characterize Singapore’s Mozaic brand. It brings together a collection of Singapore furniture companies that offer a diverse portfolio of consumer, business and specially crafted products. Passion for improving the world people live and work in, combined with an experienced management, a skilled workforce and proven infrastructure help to generate consistent, progressive product ideas. It is a b2b brand that encapsulates the essence of Singaporean furniture as well as the attributes of the Singapore furniture industry. The brand encompasses more than 2,000 companies employing in excess of 14,600 people. There are currently 34 ambassadors for Singapore Mozaic, each possessing qualities synonymous with the strengths of the Singapore furniture industry. Karim Rashid, visited the Singapore Mozaic booth at the International Furniture Fair in Milan (April 09). The concept of the ‘Happy Office’ perfectly blends with Rashid’s conviction that a happier future could be possible through better designed products.


The newyorker designer Karim Rashid for Pinker

cm How important is it to make the working environment comfortable to improve the quality of work for workers?
kr I think that the office environment almost needs to be more inspiring than home, and needs to be softer and more flexible, more casual. This is the age of casualization, a digital age, an ecological age and a design age with new materials. Environments are more colourful, tactile and make you feel alive while you are at the office. This in turn makes you more productive.

cm Which furniture elements have more influence in improving the welfare of workers?
kr We’ve all known this for many years: the chair itself is the most important object in the work environment because it needs to be very low-profile and ergonomic. The second element is the desk: it needs to have a more human and friendly relationship with its user.

cm Which are the most utilized materials in creating a more comfortable working environment?
kr A lot of polymers, rubbers, all these kinds of soft, polished and smart materials are the wave of the future. We need sustainable, recyclable materials. Other materials like glass and wood are hard materials and they don’t really spice up the workplace.


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2009