People Innovation Europe 2014 (23 – 24 September 2014)

mediaWhere: Brussels, Belgium
What: People Innovation Europe 2014

Who: Stamford Global

Challenges of Succession Management Planning in Europe: Empowering Talents Internally or Picking in the Global Talent Pool?

Kaisa Tuuliainen is an experienced people development professional. She has worked for Finnair for over ten years. Finnair is a legacy airline carrier in the middle of deep business transformation.

In the past four years her key responsibilities have reflected the versatile world of people development: i.e. talent management, leadership and strategic competence development, change management support for MWB projects, recruitment, succession planning and wellbeing.

Her keynote speech focused on:

• Smart long term resource planning to support sustainable growth

• Focusing on leadership development as a key factor of a successful succession strategy

• Visiting the cost-effectiveness of internal training and promotion vs. recruitment strategies

Here a few ideas from Kaisa:

• Build bench strength – support strategic resource planning and successor planning for key positions

• Build stronger talent pipeline – ensure career opportunities, job rotation and development action

• Create a performance-driven culture

• Identify and develop future potential and leadership talent

• Place the right people in the right jobs at the right time

• Create a consistent message around Finnair talent management