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It Takes a Little Discipline

by Barbara Tagliaferri

The impact of technology on my working life is huge. Working at Deloitte means working for a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries; the Italian network employs about 3,600 professionals spread across 19 cities. The numbers and the geographic extent of the network necessarily require real-time communication and sharing, which is possible exclusively through corporate tools of integrated communication.

Technology allows me to have more elasticity: I can finish urgent tasks from home or avoid traveling for hours to attend meetings with colleagues from other offices. My devices and a good connection are enough to take me anywhere, saving a lot of time. I am a “techno-enthusiast,” and the benefits that technology offers in terms of real-time updates and information retrieval are definitely a huge advantage in my opinion, especially for someone like me who works in the communications field. However, it is true that nonstop connection can turn into an unhealthy frenzy of control; it is no accident that we speak of an era of “techno-stressed” people. It definitely takes a little discipline to recognize the difference between the real emergencies that require an immediate response and the things that can wait and don’t need to interrupt my personal and private time.


The Backbone of a Working Life

by Kristelle Siarza

I wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for the advancement of technology and its impact on communications. However, in my job, technology can’t replace human interaction on social media, so keeping up with notifications and alerts keeps me busy on a day-to-day basis. An advantage of technology in my workplace is being able to respond immediately and monitor social media effectively. A disadvantage of technology is its instantaneous nature: one wrong move can impact the overall campaign message. The enter button can be your friend or your enemy. I take the time to review any communication before it’s published online. I do my best to stay efficient every day. I save time on everyday tasks because technology allows me to automate. Because of great developments in hardware and software, saving time at work has helped our clients achieve their communication goals, and when I’m not working technology helps me stay connected to family and friends. From reading blogs about my friends to posts from family on Facebook, technology keeps me “in the know” with the people so close to me.

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Better Technology, Better Working Life

by Marisandra Lizzi

My generation had the incredible opportunity to see the birth of the internet. It is touching to say that because I’m speaking of something that has the power to change the world and, above all, to change our lives.Technology allows us to stay connected. This means we can work almost anywhere and at any time, but it must not cause addiction to our work or performance anxiety. The internet can have a positive or negative impact depending on how we use it. The “always on” approach was made possible by digital technology and is now amplified by smartphones and tablets, which cancel downtime, waiting, moments of inactivity. Among the advantages there are the possibilities to work everywhere and to always be up to date. The Web saves time and boosts the ability to listen, but what’s even more important is that it thrives on sharing and collaboration. In my opinion, every digital innovation must have as its main objective the improvement of our personal and professional lives. If it does not, it means we are using it wrong. Again, I believe in the possibility of using technology to improve the quality of our lives. We cannot expect that a well-integrated way of working will fit into fixed blocks of time.


More Efficient and Productive

by Toni Lopresti

I use technology extensively in my work life. This includes using my own company’s product, Intellinote, to capture work information and collaborate and communicate with my team, as well as using technologies such as e-mail, Web conferencing and VOIP. Taken together, they allow me – and my team – to be much more productive and accomplish more every day. I don’t really think that technology has extended the time I spend on tasks, but I think that it has made me more efficient and productive, so on a per-task basis I spend less time…but because of that, I now have the ability to work on and complete many more tasks than before, so my calendar is as full as or even fuller than before. As with anything, there is certainly the potential to abuse technology at work – to procrastinate, to while time away, or to create the illusion of work by over-communicating or by creating busy-work. But, in my view, for the most part the advantages – which include the ability to research and capture information, collaborate and communicate, and make faster decisions – far outweigh the disadvantages. Leveraged correctly, technology definitely saves everyone a lot of time. But if it’s abused in situations that are wanting in focus and discipline, it has the potential to take over or “occupy” time that would be spent differently.


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Fall 2014