HR Tech Europe (23 – 24 October 2014)

mediaWhere: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Who: HRN Europe

Using Technology To Transform the Health, Wealth and Wellbeing of Your Employees

Since Charline joined Danone in 1997, she has held ten different roles, in both human resources and communications, at the French head office and then in the UK. In April 2014 she became HR Director of DanTrade based in the Netherlands, a brand-new Danone company that provides its services to all 4 divisions in Danone, where she also has group responsibility for the overall SSD function. Prior to joining Danone, Charline was relocation manager at Europ Assistance.

Her keynote speech focused on:

• How technology can help companies reach their ambitions through a shared services model

The challenges Charline faced in her company were:

• The need to attract and retain talent for longer

• Danone employer brand wasn’t widely known

• High engagement, yet a high employee turnover

What Charline did and wants to share:

• Choose a partner to help deliver your vision

• Adopt themed branding across the diverse range of online and offline media in line with your ambitions (Danone’s ambition was to become a great place to grow, which made them go for a garden-themed branding)

• Choose a representative “face” of the scheme (Danone’s was Norman the Gnome)

• Create a viral campaign where employees share photos of the face and create games (Norman the Gnome was once kidnapped and a ransom demanded)

Danone won in two ways, both in engagement and in retention. Here’s some data:

• Employees rated their reward scheme 24.6% higher than before

• 7% more employees felt that they mattered in the company and management was interested in them

• 67% of vacancies were filled internally, showing people wanted to stay

• On average staff turnover in UK companies is 2 years, in Danone it increased to 5 years