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Corruption in Public Contracting

Doing business using corruption is a short-term game. Usually a bribe leads to extortion. The official receiving or wanting to receive bribes ...

Lessons from tribes

This brings us on to another lesson. Tribal people generally only take from their environments what they need, because they know that if they destroy their own resources they, or their children, will suffer in the future.

Sacrifices in Emotions

How do we free up time at work to give us some space, thinking time, and better balance? First, you need to know what you are doing most of the time—so keep a diary for a week or two, recording all your activities during each hour of each day.

Sacrifices in Entertainment

Well-being takes many forms – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social. All contribute to health. If one is out of sort, the others are affected. Suffer significant loss – job, friendship, loved one – and one or more will be shaken if not irreparably damaged.

Sacrifices in Ecology

We are bombarded daily by messages about what we ought to want, need or buy. It seems strange to ask “What can we give up?” The question implies the existence of a need to give up something, or many things. But why?

Sacrifices in Economy

Sometimes information tends to work counter-intuitively: people use Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and sometimes promote their businesses, but a side effect of having a clear presence of information on the internet is the open door for employers to check on a potential applicant’s personal life.

The City Between Two Worlds

Old Costantinople is a vibrant, cosmopolitAn and a rising city. A unique city which provides a world of modern life without forgetting its tradition. This new business centre of the Millennium has now more things to offer.

Does Clean Mean Rich?

When “green ideology” meets big money: the eco-business of urban waste management brings many solutions to municipal administration (and good profits for the companies that are investing).

Statistics: Math or Myth?

The World celebrates the first World Statistics Day to promote the many achievements of official statistics premised on the core values of service, professionalism and integrity. The WSD serves as a tool to further support the work of statisticians across different settings, cultures, and domains.

Bringing Statistics to Life

Gapminder was born in 1998-99 since the technology was available at that time. We have found a new understanding of data analysis. Your understanding changes over time. In our website, data become alive becoming more understandable.

Taking Risks in Medicine

The process of decision making in medicine is complex and involves knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, their relevance, safety, benefits and costs. Discovery of drugs from initial development until their commercial availability is a long and complicated process.

Making your Company Stronger

Today’s organizations are exposed to different kind of risks, such as cyber-attacks, plundering of intellectual property, stealth competition from grey and black markets, unconscionable acts of executive greed and corruption, identity theft, fraud, and terrorist threats.