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Jane Lu

“At first it was very difficult. We didn’t speak the language, but I think my parents, after the Tiananmen protests, understood that China was not the place to bring up a child.”

Brendt Barbur

“I love what I do, but I have been doing this for 15 years and it is important to explore and not get stale.”

Jodie Fox

“I was solving a problem of my own, hence the idea to create special bespoke shoes for every woman.”

Kimihito Okubo

“In a word? I would like to see youths expose themselves to the world.”

Sacha Beverley

“Have a vision, acknowledge your dreams and pursue them taking active steps.”

Marta González Tarruella

“Enjoy the little things in life and never stop dreaming.”

Nicolás Ovalle

“Life is like a trip: we always need to make time to do what makes us happy.”

Stephani Carter

“My work is my best passion, singing and dancing my best hobbies.”


Gourmet cuisine, chefs, Twitter fights: a quest to regain success. Today, chefs are very popular on TV and in the movies because of the gourmet boom of the past few years. This movie is a fun comedy portraying a world of great passion and humility, seasoned with excellent Cuban salsa. Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) is a talented chef at an elegant restaurant, which becomes famous and successful thanks to him and his team. These people are brought together by their mutual passion, culinary ...

Sara Lenzi

“In Brussels I found the freedom to escape from expectations and from a system that is falling down.”

Luke Archer

“Being an expat in Lyon I have more of an Erasmus-like friends base; they’re French, Tunisian, Egyptian, Brazilian...”

From the Cave to the Catwalk

A primordial garment that was worn by cavemen and women to protect their most delicate parts, after thousands of years this piece of clothing has seen quite an evolution and is today one of the most worn and versatile articles of clothing in the world.