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Sprint at the Airport

The characters in this comic strip have been head-hunted and placed in their new positions by Antal International, a global executive search firm.

Employees “out of office”

What do employees do when they’re not in the office it’s something that often may seem irrelevant to their ability to do a job, but this could not be more untrue.


The characters in this comic strip have been head-hunted and placed in their new positions by Signium International, a global executive search firm.

Excellent Integration: the Rules

The same manager may be perfect for one company and totally wrong for another. The quality of a résumé is as important as personal ability in a specific context

Movers and Shakers

The managers presented in this section have been placed in their new position by DHR which is ranked #1 in geographic coverage providing global executive search service. Established in 1989, it is the fifth largest retained executive search firm in the U.S.

The Power of Relationships

Executive search consultants are increasingly becoming trusted consultants and an important link between a company and its candidates. This link creates a deep and long-term relationship which provides consistent value for all parties involved.

Movers and Shakers

APPOINTMENTS by IIC Partners an Executive Search Worldwide. IIC Partners has 51 offices worlwide, providing global reach, local savvy and industry expertise. IIC Partners search professionals know the difference between a glowing resumé and a brilliant career: “We bring you a world of talent”.

Managers’ Attitudes

An economic crisis is a sign of failure for human capital, whether in the public or private sectors. In order to resolve the crisis, and start a new cycle of growth and economic development, human capital needs to be renewed. A key role of HR consultants is to help their client companies identify this new human capital.

Movers and Shakers

Appointments by AIMS International, an Executive Search Consultancy and Recruiting Consultant Agency, spread across all continents with more than 90 offices in about 50 countries where they are respected head hunting leaders and have a global focus in their business. Georgy Chotrev is the Commercial Director of Alumil in Bulgaria. Until recently, he held the position of Commercial Director of KAI Group and was responsible for the development and execution of the company’s overall marketing ...

How to Prepare Yourself

As the whole world is changing, it is no surprise there has been a fundamental transformation in the process of finding a job. The constant and ever quickening change of the world necessitates that the talent, skills and performance are adapted to the demands of the new order. The strategy of finding a job depends on the situation; did the candidate lose a job or was the job change self-driven? In either case, there are crucial paths that lead the candidates through the process. Mihaela ...

Searching for the Right Person

Finding the most suitable employee for a position is not easy. Psychological assessment tools are becoming the key strategy of hiring corporations interested in hitting their business goals and avoiding high employee turnover.

China’s Calling for Foreign Talents

In one of the biggest economies in the world one should expect a job market open to workers coming from all over the planet. But China’s way toward a perfect trade-off between current social policies and the need for global talents is going to be long.