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Dakar Fashion Week targets working class In only a few years the capital of Senegal has become one of Africa's fashion capitals, a place of work where creatives, buyers, and manufacturers meet. We meet the best entertainers in the sector during the 2013 Dakar Fashion Week. This year our arrival in Dakar was complicated by some confusion at Customs regarding entry regulations. But, no matter. In every other way, Senegal was a delight! This magazine covered Dakar Fashion Week just a year ago. ...


Presentation Documentary Corporate films of 15 companies


 Workplace How can we manage the daily commute? Replaced and, perhaps, avoided? Roles of companies, public authorities and workers. The change of workspaces: where can we intervene?... Leadership What are the truly effective leadership styles? What are the relevant tools for companies and workers which can be used for this purpose? We talked about issues... Creativity What are the performance indicators in a creative context? How companies can rationalize collaborators' timings ...