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Investing in Culture, the Way Forward

Culture contributes to create a country’s identity, increase its popularity in the World and -- as a consequence-- its tourism industry.

Canteens Befriend Wellbeing

How do people eat in corporate canteens? In the past year we have seen a progressive reorganization of the restaurant industry, which has always adopted the duty to promote correct nutrition, together with food.

Understanding the US Copyright Law

Since our unique passions are always embedded in our work and our style, understanding copyright law in the U.S. allows us to master our intellectual property rights as employees in America as well as internationally.

From Theory to Practice

How do businesses manage their data transfer? Legal requirements are in place but too often receive a formalistic acknowledgement.

Effective Workplace Communication

Technology has changed the way we behave.It is not unusual to see a mother pushing a pram across the road whilst texting and the ability to stay in permanent contact places communications at the centre of our existence and blurs our life and work identities.

Being Zen in Business

Starting from the book Zen in the Art of Archery we have investigated training opportunities, based on patience and perseverance, that people adopted to create new opportunities.

Measuring Sustainability Inside the Company

The evaluation of intangible assets or social and environmental performances has always been a fascinating field of study for scholars and practitioners.

Did your Child Choose their University?

A diploma from a school that offers the highest quality academic programs can help a graduate land a good job as well as gain admission into the best graduate programs in the country.

Movers and Shakers

The managers presented in this section have been placed in their new position by DHR which is ranked #1 in geographic coverage providing global executive search service. Established in 1989, it is the fifth largest retained executive search firm in the U.S.

The Power of Relationships

Executive search consultants are increasingly becoming trusted consultants and an important link between a company and its candidates. This link creates a deep and long-term relationship which provides consistent value for all parties involved.

Putting a Stop to Back Pain at Work

Many people who work in offices suffer from back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders which can result in more days off work and higher costs for companies. Furniture companies and health organizations provide an insight on comfortable seating for workplaces.

Escape from Corruption

The private sector plays a pivotal role in fighting corruption worldwide. Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report 2009 documents the many corruption risks for businesses, ranging from small entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa to multinationals from Europe and North America