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Sprint at the Airport

The characters in this comic strip have been head-hunted and placed in their new positions by Antal International, a global executive search firm.

Employees “out of office”

What do employees do when they’re not in the office it’s something that often may seem irrelevant to their ability to do a job, but this could not be more untrue.

Images of reality and new images

Scardillo bets with the brand
The Scaridillo’s challenge is to desecrate the advertising campaigns of some big brands, and instead of gathering critical, he picks up the proposed purchase ...

Lions on the move

Despite the increasing GDP, Africa is still a huge continent with huge problems to face. Part-time work, unregulated work environment, widespread illiteracy ...

Math versus Faith

Religions are suffocating and their chance of revitalization is as low as it has ever been before.

The architecture of productivity

Nowadays both the workspace architecture and workplace culture of the office are being reconfigured to be wellsprings of new business creativity.

Commuters on scooters

Prized for their low cost, high efficiency and general ease of use, scooters have long been popular with commuters, especially in urban environments.

Laugh to decrease your stress

“Laughing is really important in every situation not just at work, because it’s a vital reflex and it helps to decrease your stress, boosts your creativity and makes you more ...

Get hurt, feel good

A very thrilling profession for those who can’t do without adventure and a bit of spice in life. But stunt performing ...

Everybody is going green

When you look at corporate websites today you will see a lot more photos with “green” references and the information on companies’ environmental activities have ...

Taking the luck out of safety

The Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig operated for seven consecutive years without a single lost time incident or major environmental event. By that measure they were safe.

Whistleblower protection

A whistleblower is an employee, former employee, or member of an organization who informs the public or someone in authority about alleged dishonest or illegal activities occurring in government ...