Sports activities and facilities
Eindhoven excels in the sports facilities that are available. There are two major sports centers, one in the south and one in the north of the city. In the south sports center there is an Olympic swimming pool, an ice psvskating and ice hockey rink and an indoor sporting arena in which international tennis, volleyball and gymnastics matches are held.
There are also hockey and football fields. In the north sports center there is a wide choice of sports including hockey, football, indoor climbing, (beach) volleyball, boxing, tennis, squash, badminton to give just a few examples. As well as active participation, you can also enjoy sports as a spectator. Eindhoven has two professional football clubs, PSV and FC Eindhoven, and it has a top hockey team, Oranje Zwart.

Eindhoven is a gourmet’s paradise. Dutch people love to eat and take their food very seriously. Local restaurant and pubs known as proeflokaal or eetlokaal are great places to try the local cuisine. Dutch food can be quite hearty with a lot of meat, potatoes and cabbage and, of course, superb cheese. However, dishes from Indonesia, China, Thailand, Italy and France are well represented.

Top end restaurants

  •  Avant-Garde van Groeninge (Frederiklaan 10-d, T 0031 40 2505 640, restaurantavantgarde.nl) is located inside the PSV football stadium. The establishment focuses on French cuisine. It is a great place for business meetings. The price range goes from 56 to 168 euros.
  • De Karpendonkse Hoeve (Sumatralaan 3, 0031 40 2813 663, karpendonksehoeve.nl) lies on the high end of the price range, but rightly so. According to their guests they have the best food in town.
  • Jiu.nu (Willemstraat 9, 0031 40 2027 154, jiu.nu) presents its food almost theatrically and if you need an explanation the waiters don’t mind going through the menu for you. You will find that the cuisine is Asian inspired, do not miss this restaurant when you are in Eindhoven.

Best convenient spots

  • Eetcafé Bommel (Kleine Berg 32, 0031 40 2452 922, bommeleindhoven.nl) is an old time favorite among those who want to eat well and need to keep a low budget. There’s no menu: for a fixed amount of 12.50 euro you get a cup of soup and you can choose between the meat or vegetarian dish of the day.
  • At Grand Restaurant Le Connaisseur (Kleine Berg 12, 0031 40 2460 960, leconnaisseur.nl) if you order your dinner before 6 p.m. here, the second 3 course meal comes for free. Even when you’re later, 3 course meals (allowing you to choose the dishes) start from €18.50.
  • Soho (Jan van Lieshoutstraat 24A, 0031 40 2364 228) is a popular place for take away wok (Asian stir fry dishes with noodles or rice) or sushi, but you can also eat in the restaurant. A simple stir-fry dish. served in a card board cup is a cheap but quite filling meal. It can get crowded here around lunch or dinner time, but Soho has a second location just opposite the train station where it’s often less crowded. All you can eat sushi is €21.50 for dinner.

Hot spots

  • 1910 Restaurant (Willemstraat 43a, 0031 40 2961 863, 1910restaurant.nl) is a stylish venue with classy, orange interior and superior Mediterranean dishes. Come here for lunch and dinner.
  • Memories Eetcafé (Dommelstraat 36, 0031 40 2377 202, restaurant-memories.nl) is a hip venue you will find seafood and salads which is a favourite with young locals. They have a great atmosphere.
  • If you love ribs, at the Ribs Factory (Kerkstraat 14, ribsfactory.nl) you have found your paradise! On the menu you will also find chicken wings, nachos and juicy burgers.

Eindhoven has a compact and lively city centre. People go out and nightlife takes place mainly in five different ‘going out areas’. These areas, each with its own atmosphere and character, are all within walking distance of one another in the city centre. The most popular area is Stratumseind. Don’t let that hold you back to explore other areas like the one around the Market though. You’ll find various venues around the Station Square and the Dommelstraat as well. In addition the Wilhelminaplein offers a fun combination of both restaurants and bars, allowing you to start early and to keep on going till late in the evening (or early in the morning).

Bars and live music

  • Effenaar (Dommelstraat 2, 0031 40 2393 666, effenaar.nl) is a well-known name in Eindhoven and the surrounding area for those that like great parties, concerts and live shows. The location near the station makes it accessible to visitors from outside the city as well. Ranging from Serious Talent On Tour to Comedy Night and the music festival Sencity you’ve got a lot to look forward to.
  • Bongo Beach (Stratumseind 34/360031 6 4704 5295) is a popular spot in the most popular going out area, it’s a great place for an audience that likes every sort of music.
  • De Wildeman (Markt 10, T  0031 40 2452 300, cafedewildeman.nl) has a perfect schedule for almost every night of the week. There’s a quiz night every Tuesday and Wednesday. A casual drink night on Thursday. And djs to entertain you on Friday and Saturday.

Museums and galleries

  • Van Abbemuseum (Bilderdijklaan 10,T  0031 40 2381 000, vanabbemuseum.nl) is one of the leading museums for modern and contemporary art. The impressive collection includes works of Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Theo van Doesburg, Mondriaan and Appel. January 2003 the completely renovated museum opened its doors again.
  • Eindhoven Museum (Boutenslaan 161 B, 0031 40 2522 281, eindhovenmuseum.nl) is formerly known as the Historic Open Air Museum and Kempenland Museum) takes you back to prehistoric times and the Middle Ages. There you can brew your own beer, be your own Iron Age blacksmith, stroll among centuries’ old farm houses, hayricks, and herb gardens. The Eindhoven Museum makes you relive times from long ago.
  • Philips Museum (Emmasingel 31, 0031 40 2359 030, philips-museum.com) provides a fascinating picture of the way in which Philips evolved from a small incandescent lamp manufacturer into a large and prestigious international group of companies.
  • Ton Smits Huis (Jacob Reviuslaan 25) is the house, brightly painted in blue, white and pink, used to be the home of the world famous cartoonist Ton Smits (1921-1981). The place, still inhabited by his widow, houses a large collection of his paintings and lyrical cartoons.
  • PSV Museum (Ingang 17) Philips Stadion,Stadionplein 2 opened its doors today after PSV hero Willy van der Kuijlen had performed the unveiling ceremony, in the presence of many former players. Accompanied by two 100-year-old fans, Mister PSV’ symbolically opened the museum with a well-struck shot.


  • In October running aficionados can take part in the Eindhoven marathon (marathoneindhoven.nl) the for many is rgarded as the friendliest in Europe. And all those who’ve ever reached the finish on the Stratumseind are cheered on so enthusiastically that they edificio2don’t even notice the last few kilometers.
  • The Councourse Hippique (csi-eindhoven.nl) is a fine tradition since 1949, revived after a gap of two years. It takes place every year always during Ascension Day (May 29 to June 1) held at the Karpendonkse Plas in Eindhoven. The program has been modified for both riders and spectators on all four days of competition. The spectacular ‘Derby Eindhoven’ now takes place on Saturday and the newly upgraded ‘VDL Groep Grand Prix of Eindhoven’ on Sunday. If you are a horse lover don’t miss it!
  • The Torchlight Eindhoven (fakkeltochteindhoven.nl) is traditionally run on Christmas Eve for tolerance and peace. Every year, thousands of people join the Torchlight. They gather at the Wilhelmina Square, where the Torchlight starts. Eindhoven is committed to the society in which peace, freedom and tolerance is central.
  • In October during the Dutch Design Week (ddw.nl), Eindhoven is all about design, in all its disciplines and aspects. Some 1500 designers display their work and over 300 different events and activities are organized throughout the city. There are workshops, lectures, seminars, shows and exhibitions.

For a weekend why not go to Nuenen? It is a village 8km to the east of Eindhoven. Van Gogh worked here as a beginning painter, from 1882-1885. His favorite spots are marked there, and his father lies buried in the local cemetery. Take the N270 or bus 6. Geldrop and Mierlo, also to the east, is a municipality comprising two separate villages. Geldrop has a beautiful castle, surrounded by an 1870 English garden. Take the Sprinter train towards Weert, leaving twice per hour. The ride takes only 5 minutes. Like Eindhoven has much parks to offer, the nearby Valkenswaard is completely surrounded by beautiful nature. Which gives you the opportunity to go on a walk through nature reserves like the Leender forest or to go biking along (or canoeing on) the Dommel river which flows through the Malpie Nature Reserve. Valkenswaard itself is a zoccologreat place to get a taste of the good life for which the southern provinces of the Netherlands are known. Nice terraces and an impressive amount of restaurants to dine heartily.

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