Cost for renting/ buying
The average price to rent a studio apartment in the center is 600€ per month (outside the city center the price is 400€), and for a three-bedroom terraced apartment in the center it is 1200€ per month (900€ outside the center).
The average price per square meter for buying an apartment in the city centre is 3,100€ and it is 2,500€ outside the center of Eindhoven.

Where to go / what to do
If you want to rent you can only register for local authority housing after arrival in the Netherlands and must wait for a house to be allocated to you. Be aware that waiting lists often exceed three years. Housing is relatively cheap (€400 to €800 per month, unfurnished). However, to qualify for this type of housing your income generally cannot exceed a certain amount. Housing Associations provide slightly more expensive housing than the municipal agencies and again have long waiting lists. You need to register on arrival. Estate agents and “high street” housing agencies manage private rental housing. The rental price for these houses is considerably higher than accommodation found through a municipal agency or an association, but in general these houses are available for immediate tenancy. Although it is probably better to rent for a while before buying a house, the difference in monthly payments can make purchasing an attractive option for those staying longer. The difference comes largely from the fact that the Dutch government repays some of the mortgage interest as tax relief. You should also be aware when buying a house that costs of purchase (including taxes) total around 10% of the cost price, and are paid by the buyer.

Maintenance and repairdna
Here some useful links you may need to solve any domestic problem:

  • Water works: Brabant Water
    T 0031 73 6838000
  • Electricity and Gas: Endinet
    T 0031 40 238 38 50
  • Telephone and internet: KPN
    T 0031 900 0244
  • Waste: Municipality of Eindhoven
    Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square 10
    T 0031 40 2386 000

Small towns close to the city

  • ‘s-Hertogenbosch, known as Den Bosch, is a medieval city 30 km to the north of Eindhoven. It can be reached from Eindhoven by taking the Intercity train in the direction of Schiphol or Alkmaar, leaving every 15 minutes from the main station. The ride takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • Maastricht is the capital of the province of Limburg. The city regarded as one of the oldest cities in the country, has been continuously inhabited since the Romans built a bridge across the Maas river and founded a settlement in 10 A.D. Take the direct half-hourly Intercity train from the main station or take the train toward Heerlen and transfer at Sittard. Both ways take just over one hour.
  • Roermond is a medieval city located at the confluence of the Roer and Maas rivers. Its historic city centre is great to walk around, and includes the old market square, the town hall and two magnificent cathedrals. The city also hosts one of Europe’s largest outlet shopping centers, McArthur Glen Designer Outlet. Although the outlet center is at walking distance from the train station and city center, regular shuttle buses to the outlet leave from the bus station. Roermond can be reached by a direct Intercity train service, leaving every 15 minutes from the main station in Eindhoven. The ride takes half an hour.
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