Cost for renting/ buying

The average prices for buying and selling a house in Turin, depending on the area, are:
– Collina: 2,917 €/square metre
– Centro: 2,395 €/ square metre
– Spine: 2,145 €/ square metre
– Sud: 1,990 €/ square metre
– Ovest: 1,845 €/ square metre
– Nord: 1,839 €/ square metre
In the last six months rent prices have increased (+1,3%). The average prices for renting a house is 8,7 euro/mq.
Looking at the different areas:
– Centre – Crocetta: 9,2€/ square metre (+1,3%)
– San Paolo-San Donato (west): 8,2 €/square metre (-1,2%)

Where to go / what to do

Real estate can be purchased by foreigners according to the following conditions: Legally resident foreigners, in Italy for at least three years must have a stay permit for specific reasons or a permanent stay permit European Community and EFTA citizens, in Italy for more than three years have no restrictions Foreigners can take advantage of the “first residential property” benefits if they meet the requirements. Authorized real estate agents are listed at the Chamber of Commerce. www.comune.torino.it/en/housing/purchase-of-a-house-in-it
In order to facilitate supply and demand for rented accommodation, the city of Turin set up a service called Lo.C.A.Re. Its aim is to simplify the search for private rented apartments. www.comune.torino.it/en/housing/locare

Maintenance and repair

Here some useful links you may need to solve any domestic problem:
– Water works: Società Metropolitana Acque Torino www.smatorino.it
 – Electricity: Agenzia Energetica Metropolitana www.aem.torino.it
 – Electricity and Gas: Enel www.enel.it
 – Gas and Heating: Azienda Energetica e Servizi Torino www.aes.torino.it
 – Gas: Italgas www.italgas.it
 – Waste: Azienda Multiservizi Igiene Ambientale Torino www.amiat.it

Small towns closed to the city

Moncalieri: 6km from Turin, 57,788 inhabitants. Connected to Turin by bus and train. From 2012 by underground
Tips: Moncalieri Castle / Italdesign – Giugiaro / The American Cultural Association of Turin

Venaria Reale: 7km from Turin, 34,651 inhabitants. Connected to Turin by bus and train
Tips: Venaria Reale Royal Palace / Regional park La Mandria

Nichelino: 10km from Turin, 49,061 inhabitants. Connected to Turin by bus and train
Tips: Palazzina di Caccia di Supinigi / Occello Palace / Superga Theatre

Rivoli: 11km from Turin, 49,819 inhabitants. Connected to Turin by bus
Tips: Rivoli Castle – Contemporary Art Museum

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